God Tricked Me Into Doing It.

Jeremiah 20:7

 God tricked me into doing it.

Jeremiah 20:7

Have you ever felt the power of God telling you to do something?

I have.

I can tell you that it’s not always easy to hear him because I make myself so busy that I forget about listening.

Let me explain how I hear him. Because I am sure that there are some of you who might be a little jealous right now.

I can just see it now, “Hey what makes this guy so special that God talks to him?”

I have taken years perfecting listening to him so that I can hear him, most of the time.

To me, when God talks to me it’s what science would call intuition.  I pray, then listen to my “conscience”

If he tells me to pick up the phone and call someone, I do it.  If I get the feeling to send a text, I do it.  When I spend money I ask him if it’s the right choice? And he either gives me peace or makes me sick to my stomach.

And I mean spending money. (like $600K or $100) I pray about everything. Then I do my best to listen.

You’ve got to hear this one. 

It wasn’t too long ago I was toying with the idea of moving because I felt like God was calling us to be somewhere else.  Or maybe I thought that I couldn’t move up in the current company I was with without moving. 

Either way, we were seriously thinking about buying property a long way away from home.  And you have to realize that I have never lived more than 50 miles from where I grew up.

This was extremely scary for me.

Then all of a sudden my boss’s contract was terminated, and they promoted someone else to his position. They didn’t even open the job, just did a quick wham bam thank you ma’am promotion.

I was just a little perturbed.

But you know that that did?

It pushed Jenna and me into starting our business.

Then that led directly into starting these devotionals and starting the God First Life Next Community we have today.

So when I say that God tricked us into starting this it’s absolutely true.

He opened our minds and hearts to something bigger than where we currently were.

Then BAM, he said hey you need to start writing devotionals, make a website, create an email list, start talking to more people about me and my awesome son (Jesus).

So what did we do?

We leaned in, said, “God you are Crazy. With a capital C.”

Here’s the truth, and you can probably tell by the way I write, but the last book I read from cover to cover, I mean actually read. Was in 4th grade. (don’t tell my mom, she will be super upset. Lol)

Honestly, I went all the way through middle school, high school, a few college classes before I ever read a book.

Then I had kids, that changed everything.  There is no saying ‘no’ to a kid when they come and look up at you and say, “dad will you read me this book” I was like no can’t you  just watch a movie. Lol  

Of course, I said yes. 

Now I have read the bible from cover to cover several times, tons of HUGE chapter books, currently, we are reading the Harry Potter series at home to the kids at night.  (talk about looong books)

But I love it.

Do you want to know the CRAZIEST thing?

I have stuff with Copyright protection! 

What, Dan Greer has multiple items with Copyright protection? NOOOO WAY! 

I know it’s crazy. 

You know why I have those, why I read all those books.  Why do I read about 52 books a year now?

Because God tricked me into doing it. Lol

He put a love for learning in my heart, then introduced me to some amazing kids that love getting read to.

It’s pretty amazing that our 15-year-old son is ready for bed early because he’s like “Dad’s home, we are goanna read!” Love you, Billy.

Nathen tells me regularly, “Dad, I love the voices you make while you read, they are the best!”

Brianna and Jacob both love when we read the bible to them too.

And I would have never had the confidence to read them if God wouldn’t have tricked me into it.

Just like we would have never started God First, he would have never tricked me into starting to write devotionals.

You know what. We have been toying with the idea of writing a book for devotionals.  365 days of devotionals for business!  WHAT. I know CRAZY!

Here’s what you need to know about being tricked by God. It happened to you too.

The last time something unexpected happened to you, it was really God tricking you into doing something that was WAY out of your comfort zone.

And you know what happens when we step out of our comfort zone?


And when God tricks us into stepping out of our comfort zone, we grow closer to him.

I know that this devotional has been all over the place….

But, here’s what I need you to do.

Next time you are about to step outside of your comfort zone, take a deep breath, smile, and tell God, “We got this, you and me!”

Then take that Huge LEAP so you can grow closer to God.

Take action

Think back to when was the last time you took uncomfortable action?

What did it feel like?

Did you feel pushed to do it? That was God!

Exciting, right?

Now it’s time to take more action. Think of something that scares the transitions out of you?  Got it? Don’t tell anyone, just say yes if you have it!

I was gonna say close your eyes, then it hit me you can’t do that and read. Duh.

Ok look up and tell God, “Are you ready for this?  I’m ready to Jump in head first, You and I are gonna make this happen, NOW”

One last thing, look back up and tell God, “Thanks for tricking me so many times.  Without you, I would have never grown into the awesome person that I am today.”


Lord, God almighty father in heaven, how are you doing today?  I just want you to know that I appreciate you. I appreciate everything that you do for me, even though I don’t deserve any of it.  You give us such great gifts that we can NEVER even come close to repaying. Also, God we want to thank you for tricking us into doing things that we would never do without you. Not only that, thank you for helping us to get through every situation you give us.  You are an awesome God and we appreciate everything you do for us.  Lord, we are so grateful for you and your push.  God, we also pray that you would help us to hear you clearly.  Open our ears so that we can hear you, open our eyes so that we can see you, break loose the crust from our hearts so that we can feel you in every aspect of our lives. Help us to jump every time you ask us to do something. And God when we don’t jump, don’t give up on us, keep pressure until we go where you need us to go. Lord, we are so thankful for you every day of our lives.


One More Thing


I have enjoyed writing stories after the last few devotionals that I want to do it again!

I’m sure as you read these last few devotionals you might be thinking, What has happened to Dan?

Well, the truth is that I have changed my state. It was getting into a pretty overwhelmed state and that makes every aspect of life HARD. 

We were getting ready to launch new software that we designed from the ground up for transportation companies to help them with compliance. We had not one, not two, but three different companies approach us and ask if we would be interested in acquiring them. 

I had been traveling by myself quite a bit, and I absolutely loved traveling with my wife and kids this last year. Hands down the best part about COVID was that.  We didn’t stop, we just did it together.  AMAZING!

Then on top of that, I was feeling like maybe we were getting money hungry because with all of our businesses they would be making a pile of money in a year. And I hated that feeling.

And we were in the middle of deciding whether we should take on venture capital or grow at our own pace. (It’s tough to turn down that much money)

Well, one day I took a deep breath and prayed, God can you please help me, I feel overwhelmed, and I know that you have it all under control. I know that, but hey, I could use some reassurance.

Then we did some interviews for Eclipse DOT and one of the people I knew that interviewed asked a few questions about the company and its stability.  Shoot I would want to know too.

I am a super transparent guy, I’m getting better at not divulging everything, but I HATE secrets so I have a hard time keeping them. Ask Jenna. She can’t even get me a present unless I absolutely don’t know anything about it. Because I hate not knowing.

Anyways I told the interviewee about how our company was off to an amazing start and how we had an amazing year last year and that we were on track to double that this year.

Then they said exactly what I needed to hear, “you could never tell. Most people get a little extra in their pocket and it changes them.” (apparently they didn’t get that in the first 5 years of business they put almost all of their capital back into the business. lol)

I said thank you, then they also said that I believe that money does not change who you ar,  it exemplifies who you are. 

But you know what, we are not the ones doing anything. 

It is all God.  We named God the CEO of our company and we intend to keep it that way!  Because when we put God in charge he is going to guide us where we need to be, not where we want, but where we need to be.

The whole point of this last section was to tell you that no matter what is going on in life God has got this, you just have to give it to him. I mean truly give it to him.  Don’t put a leash on it and hand it to him, don’t tie a string to it and say here it’s yours.

I mean really give it to him!  All of it.  He can handle it!

Now get out there and kick some butt! God’s got your back.

Will you pray with us?

Mankind throughout the world throughout our current situation

All Law enforcement and emergency response personnel

For all military personal serving our country and their families

Those in Leadership positions throughout the world