The wicked borrows but does not pay back, but the righteous is generous and gives;

Matthew 20:26-28

Today we want to talk a little bit about paying back what you owe.

You might be thinking, “oh boy another person telling me that i shouldn’t get into debt.” or “how does this relate to God?”

The truth is that we go into debt with God every day.

When we wake up every morning we are already in “debt” to God.  We owe everything we have to him.

If he was not working in our lives then we wouldn’t have anything.  He is the one who provides for us every single day.

We also probably have “real world” debt too. You know mortgage, car loan, credit card payments, etc…

I really like this verse, because it doesn’t say, “Never go into debt!” it says that you need to pay back what you borrow.  

It also tells us to be extremely generous and to give!

There was this older person who went to the bank and took out a sizable loan, let’s say to buy a GIANT boat.  

When he went and took out the loan he didn’t really need the boat, he just wanted it.  

You might think that’s the problem. But the real problem is that when he asked for the loan he knew that there was no way he would ever be able to pay off the loan before he died.  

He wasn’t acting righteously as he asked for the money.  He was acting out of greed and selfish ambition.

According to the verse above he was a wicked person.  

The same thing happens with God.

Have you ever asked for something with no intention to “Pay” God back for it?  An example would be that you ask for a child, and intend to raise the child without God in their lives.  

Or maybe, you asked for a new, higher paying job and did not have any intention of giving more back out of your new abundance? 

Or have you ever eaten a meal (good or bad) and not thanked God for providing you with the nurshment you truly needed?

You see God gives us so much and he doesn’t expect anything in return.  Let’s shock him and the world by sharing our love not only with him, but with the whole world.  Let’s start by simply saying thank you to God for everything he blesses us with.  Also we can give praise to those who give us a helping hand.

Today we want to encourage you to go to everyone that you have debt with and thank them for lending you a helping hand when you needed it.  And now let’s start with God!


Hello God!  Today we come to you to say thank you.  Thank you for everything that you have even given us.  You have blessed us with so much more than we could ever imagine.  You have given unto us more than we ever deserved.  You have forgiven so many of our debts, sins, wrong-doings, whatever you want to call them.  God we are sorry if we have caused you or anyone in your wonderful creation of this world any pain.  Lord help us to give more every day  help us to give more time, money, knowledge, wisdom, forgiveness.  Help us to follow the great example that you have set for us.  Lord, we are thankful for your son and the “debt” that he repaid for us before we were ever even born.  God you are amazing and so are your people.  Lord today we would like to ask that you help us to forgive others of the debts that they have against us.  Much in the same way you forgive our debts against you.


Will you pray with us?

Mankind throughout the world throughout our current situation

All Law enforcement and emergency response personnel

For all military personal serving our country and their families

Those in Leadership positions throughout the world


Lord, today we come to you with HAPPY hearts.  We are so grateful that you give us the opportunity to change the lives of those around us.  We are grateful that you give us the wisdom to change our lives and the lives of those around us.  And you make it so simple. We can do it with a single smile. God today I would ask that you help us to smile more. The next time we see someone down, help us to smile for them. The next time we are down, help us to remember that you gave us the best gift ever. The ability to know you, your son, and the holy spirit. God, we are so grateful for everything you give us.

We ask all these things in your Precious Son's Name


A Little More

 The other day I got a call from one of our clients.

I love talking to our clients so I always smile when I answer the phone.

“Hey Dan, one of my drivers is pulled over and they are saying that our permit doesn’t cover what we weigh. Isn’t that why we hire your team to make sure that these things don’t happen!”

My smile immediately vanished.

I was shocked because my team is amazing. and it’s not like them to miss something like 20,000 lbs on a permit.

So, I asked him, “Who have you been working with, and who was the one who called our team to get the permit?” 

To get to the bottom of the problem I needed the details.

They gave me the details.

My next call was to my team. Then after I got the details I got them started on getting new permits to get the problem fixed. I’m a solutions guy, not an excuses guy.

But I NEED to know the real reason why it happened so that we can fix the issue.

My next call was to the driver so that I could see exactly what happened.

I knew he was going to be upset. He was pulled over and they were going to give him a HUGE ticket. I wouldn’t be happy either.


I made sure not to smile when I made the call.  I had a serious look on my face. As we chatted I learned that he was the person who gave his weight to our team. I asked where he got the weights from and how in the world they were off by over 20K lbs!

That’s when he told me that he might have gotten the wrong scale ticket from the weigh station where he originally weighed.

Immediately my heart leapt with joy, this is NOT our fault!

Now to get the problem resolved and get this driver back on the road was my only goal.  I was not going to assign blame or make anyone feel bad. 

Hey, we all make mistakes. I do it multiple times every single day.

The owner of the company shot me a text. I'm getting permits from the big guys. They won’t make these mistakes that cost me time and $$$$$.

No problem.  Let me know if you need anything. We are here to help.


After they called the “BIG Guys” they called me about 30 minutes later.

Hey, we can’t get an Idaho permit until Monday. It’s Friday night. And we need to drop this load off tomorrow afternoon.

I told him that I would NOT make any promises.

But my team went to work!

Guess what????

We got the permits that the “BIG Guys” couldn’t get.

My team had the Idaho permit in less than 20 minutes. For the right weight this time.

Here’s the point of all this.

When things don’t go right, smile. I have taught my whole team this.

That right there is how we got the permits. They smiled as they worked and it didn’t take any time at all.

Ok, there might be a little knowledge that went into this too. Lol

Next time you need anything DOT, don’t call the “Big Guys” , call the team who can get it done!

Dan Greer