Unleashing Divine Wisdom with a Dose of Humor

Divine Wisdom


“If we need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.”

James 1:5


Get ready to dive into the depths of divine wisdom!


Today, we’ll unpack the truth that lies within the verse from James 1:5, reminding us that if we need wisdom, we can boldly ask our generous God, without the fear of getting a divine “eye-roll” or rebuke.


Let’s set the scene: We’re scratching our heads, facing a perplexing situation.


I don’t know if this happens to us, but it happens to me like every day! sometimes multiple times a day.


Life’s throwing us more curveballs than a clumsy baseball player.


So, we turn our attention heavenward and ask for wisdom because, hey, even God has probably seen enough of our shenanigans by now.


But wait, here comes the real curve ball!


We half expect a booming voice from above to say, “Wisdom? Really? We’re asking for wisdom now? Haven’t I dropped enough hints already?”


Yet, to our surprise, God doesn’t roll his eyes or zap us with a lightning bolt for daring to ask.


Instead, with open arms and a generous heart, God showers us with the wisdom we seek.


It’s like having our very own divine Google search engine at our disposal.


We ask, and God delivers!


No hidden fees, no judgmental comments just pure wisdom sometimes served with a side of divine humor.


And let’s not forget the entertaining scenarios we conjure in our minds.


Picture God with a heavenly-sized wisdom dispenser, eagerly waiting for us to ask.


They might even throw in some heavenly banter like, “Finally, someone’s using their noggin! About time!”


After all, who said spiritual enlightenment couldn’t come with a good laugh?


So, dear friend, when life throws us a puzzling dilemma, remember this verse and approach God with a smile on our face.


Embrace the humor in the fact that God welcomes our questions and desires to gift us wisdom in the most delightful and unexpected ways.


Just remember, divine wisdom may come with a side of laughter, so be ready to enjoy the hilarious journey God has in store for us!


Stay blessed and keep laughing!


 Time to Take Action

Ok now is the time to ask God for wisdom!

What are you waiting for, just ask.



Lord, today we come to you with empty heads and hearts that are full of your grace. We are so blessed that you have chosen to give us everything that we need in life, including the wisdom that we seek so passionately.

God, today our request is a little different than what you might hear regularly in a prayer. God today we pray for you to pour out your HEAVENLY wisdom, understanding, and patience over us. But don’t give to us so that we can move forward in this world.

Give it to us so that we can serve you better. Allow us to use everything that you give us to serve you by serving others.

We ask all these things in your precious son’s name.



Little More


I hope that you don’t mind if I a talk little bit about my personal life here for a few sentences.

Ok let’s face it, if you do mind you just as well STOP READING RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Because really I’m going to do it anyways.  Lol

The other day we went up to our church for a parent’s appreciation night to celebrate the youth group that they had done all year.

We go to a pretty small church, size doesn’t matter. All that matters is if God is present. And he is definitely present in our church!!!


If you know me very well, you probably know that I’m really awkward at taking compliments.

I remember this one time at a Christmas party someone told me and Jenna that our dance skills were awesome and that we were like the energizer bunny out on the dance floor.

My response was something like, Um, really we are not good Insert awkward silence. And then we walked off.

For some reason, I have never been good at taking compliments.

But don’t worry I’m working on it.


When we walked through the doors of the church people started coming up and chatting with us. One amazingly sweet person came over and started saying how proud they were of us and how cool it is what we are doing and what we have going on.

I brushed off the compliment, and in the process, I’m sure that I hurt their feelings a little.

I mean they were just trying to be nice, and I was just all Hey it’s no big deal that we got an invite from Kevin O Leary to join a business accelerator.

My point of this story is to tell you that it’s okay to be proud of what you have done and accomplished.

Even if I struggle with compliments, I hope that you can accept them more graciously than I do.

Hope yall have a GREAT day.



Dan Greer