Doing Good Always

And do not forget to do good and share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

Hebrews 13:16

When was the last time you sacrificed something for yourself to give it to someone who really needed it.

No, I don’t mean that you gave some $$ to a beggar on the street corner.

I mean when did you go hungry because you offered your lunch to someone who was even hungrier than you were?

When was the last time you saw a single parent who was struggling to get by and you offered to fill up their gas tank, or buy their groceries?

When was the last time you paid for lunch the person behind you in line?

All of these things count as doing good for others.

But let’s not stop there.

What else can you think of that would be doing good for others?

How about sharing a verse with them? Or simply being there to listen when they are going through a hard time? Or being supportive even when you might not agree with their ideas?

That’s enough questions for right now.

God loves it when we do things for others, especially out of our own poverty.

Yes, we all have poverty, it might not be financial poverty, it might be loving poverty, food poverty, or spiritual poverty.

There are many different types of poverty.

Poverty doesn’t just mean Money $$$!

God also loves it when we share out of our abundance.

Ok God Loves it when we share!

That’s why we try so hard to teach our kids to share at such young ages.

In fact, when was the last time you watched a young child?

I have a nephew, he is pretty awesome and funny.

The other day he was over at our house and one of my kids asked him if he would share something with them.

He turned around and looked at him then said, no he proceeded to turn around and walk off.

Shortly afterwards, my son walked back over to him and asked, hey can I use that for a second?

His answer was considerably different. He looked at him, stared him up and down, and said, Sure thing sir.

I literally laughed out loud.

All too often we have the first mindset when it comes to sharing anything.

We are afraid that someone else is going to use it all up before we can use it as much as we want.

The truth is that if everyone has a second attitude, or others are just borrowing then we are much more willing to share everything.

Next time you see someone in need, think of it as if they are not taking it from you.  You will not miss out by sharing what you have with them, they are simply borrowing what God gave you.



Hey there God, It’s Me here.  I am so glad that I get to come to you in prayer today!  Thank you for not limiting the amount that we can come to you in prayer!  God today I want to ask a MAJOR favor of you.  Will you please help me not to be selfish?  I know I’m pretty bad at it some days. God, I also ask that help to make me more SELFLESS.

Help me to not be afraid to give everything that I have to someone who needs it.  Help me to be as trusting as a sparrow, or any animal for that matter.  Help me to know that you love me so much that you will always give me exactly what I need. God, I pray that you open my eyes so that I can see what you need me to give as well as who you need me to give it to.

God thank you for everything that you give me, help me to give it all to someone else who needs it more than I do. God today I want to say thank you for everything, the air I breathe, the water I drink, the food I eat, all the luxuries that I forget are luxuries, like power, indoor plumbing, vehicles, you name it.

Thank you!


Will you pray with us?

Mankind throughout the world throughout our current situation

All Law enforcement and emergency response personnel

For all military personal serving our country and their families

Those in Leadership positions throughout the world