Hand it all over to God, Today!

“The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the spirit is life and peace.”

Romans 8:3

 When was the last time you fully submitted your thoughts, body, mind, and will to God? Not just for a moment, or even an hour once a week but fully submitted every aspect of your life to God? I can tell you that it has been a while for me. I try to do it regularly, but I have a tendency to only give him a few things and not everything.
Have you ever been worried about something? Maybe your kid comes home with Cs on his report card. Maybe your spouse is having issues at work. Maybe you are having issues being motivated to start working out. Maybe your parents are aggravating you because they won’t let you live your life. There are millions of maybes. What’s yours?

I can tell you from my personal experience that when I’m overwhelmed, I have to stop what I’m doing and start handing it all over to God. It seems like as soon as I give it all over to him life starts running smoothly. I didn’t say that it was running in the same direction I would have chosen but it’s running smoothly.

We know that without God we are nothing, the only way to true everlasting life is through you. Through our son, with the Holy Spirit.


God, I pray for those not only reading this and living it right now, I pray for everyone in the world. I pray that you are with them and that you help them to allow you to have full control of their lives. Help us to have confidence that you know what is best for us. Help us know that you are the only way to live a blissful life.

Help us to understand that you are there for us even when we are not sure if you are. We know that the teacher is always quite during the test. Therefore, when things are not going our way to know that you are there, and it is our job to stay true to you. Thank you for your grace, your glory, and your greatness.

Thank you. In your awesome sons name we ask all these things.