Words are Powerful

“Let Everything you say be good and helpful, so your words will be encouragement to those who hear them.”

Ephesians 4:29

Our words are our greatest weapons. They can either be the sharpest sword and cut through the heart of the people around us or they can be healing and uplifting. You might hear or say Great job- I really appreciate your help in getting this project done and on time, making those who hear it feel accomplished and needed.

Noticing how hard your wife or husband is working on that weekend project saying wow, look at what you have accomplished. will encourage them and they will want to keep going.

Likewise making a comment to your spouse at your son’s soccer game about how awkward that boy runs. Although you did not mean anything by it and will probably not even think about it again. It was overheard by the boy’s parents, slicing their hearts with such pain and allowing them to think about it many times over living again through the pain. Please be aware of everything that comes out of your mouth.

It is amazing what can affect someone’s thinking, body image, pride, or general worth. A simple comment that is said in passing or in a meeting can stick with someone even if it was not intended to. However, as we open our hearts to God and allow him to lead our conversations his words flow through our lips. We will be able to encourage others in a way that we could not have done alone.



Please God be with us as we go through this week and make us aware of our thoughts and words. Please God with your help let our words flow with encouragement and kindness. Help us to grow into inspiring leaders through our words encouraging all who hears them. In Jesus name –