Be A Good Steward

Have you ever heard of the Grange?

If you haven’t it wouldn’t really surprise me.

The Granges is an organization that was created during the civil war.

It was a secret organization that allowed farmers from the north and south to trade crops.

When I say that it was a secret organization that is no joke. They had gatekeepers standing watch at the doors of every meeting. In order to get into the meeting, you had to give a password before they would even think about letting you through the doors.

It was for a good reason that they did this too.

I mean they were doing something that would have gotten everyone in the room killed if the wrong person wandered in and listened to the topics being discussed.


I grew up in the Grange.

Both of my parents are still extremely active in the organization.

Every grange meeting is opened and closed with a prayer. Part of that prayer was, “well done good and faithful servant.

That was always one of my favorite parts!

When I found it in the bible in my heart I was happy that the founder had true faith.

In today’s world, we don’t talk about being a servant. We talk and think about how we can be served.

There is a HUGE difference between being the servant and being the servant.

Jesus wants us to be the servant though.

He showed us how to be a GREAT servant.

Just before he was crucified he took time to wash his disciple’s feet.

As a business owner, I look around at other business owners to see how they operate. And the truly successful ones are the ones who are continually serving their tribe.

They over-deliver every time.

They do more than they are expected to.

They are constantly thinking about the people they serve and their employees and trying to figure out how to make those relationships stronger and healthier.

We can learn from those people

When you find a person, business, or organization that is selfish they are never satisfied.

On the other hand, look at their counterparts. The ones who are satisfied and have longevity.

They are extremely giving to people, businesses, and organizations.

I’m sure that you can think of a few of those.

To me, the Grange is one of those organizations.

Have you heard of 4-H?

Most people in America have heard of that youth agriculture-based organization.

Well, one thing that you probably don’t know is that the grange founded the 4-H in the very beginning. But they never actually asked for or wanted credit for it. That’s why they didn’t call it, Young Grangers or any other name that would have a tie back to them.

That organization saw a need and filled that need.

Take Action

Here is the part where I ask you to step out of your comfort zone and do something that you will NOT regret.

Here it is.

I want you to think of ways that you can be a good and faithful servant.

Then I want you to write them down!

Here is mine

I Dan Greer will be a good father. Taking time to do things that my kids and wife love. Even if I don’t LOVE them.

I will look for ways to serve the customers of my businesses and organizations that God has called me to serve.

I will look for needs that need to be filled and I will fill those needs. Even if it is hard.

I will never give up on myself or anyone else that God has called me to serve.

I will listen when God talks to me, even if what he is calling me to do is HARD! I will lean into him instead of my own understanding.



Lord, today we come to you to thank you for humble beginnings. We thank you for those businesses, organizations, and people who are truly servants. They put others in front of their needs constantly. God, you are amazing and you work in so many ways that we don’t always understand. And we appreciate that.

God, today we want to ask for help. We ask for help being a good and faithful servant. Doing what you call us to do. Serving the people you need us to serve. We know that the devil wants us to believe that serving others will not get us further in life. But we know differently. We KNOW that when we serve others you bless our mess even more. When we are selfish we are truly digging our own graves.

God, we pray that you would open our eyes to see opportunities to serve. And give us the strength to choose to serve. God, we thank you for everything that you give us! And everything that will give unto us. Lastly, God, we pray that you would bless our mess so that we can serve others with an open heart the way that you serve us.

We ask all these things in your precious Son’s name.


A Little More

The other day we were at a family reunion.

We have one about every 5 years. Our extended family gets together and we all enjoy some time just to be together and catch up.

While a few of us were sitting together somehow we got on the topic of getting people and kids to do what you want them to do.

Then my name came up.

My brother and mother were sitting there and I had to laugh when my brother gave his answer.

He said, the best way to get Dan to do something is to tell him he can’t do it. if you want him not to do it you have to tell him he HAS to do it.

We all laughed.

But as in the back of my mind, I KNEW he was 100% right.

Recently I got a text that told me I NEEDED to go do some stuff.

I read the text about 5 times. Then after that, I sat down and said to myself, NO WAY I AM GOING TO DO THAT!

IT was super simple, but I dug my heels in and never did them.

In fact, my wife was going to go do them.

Then I asked her why she was going to give in.

On the other hand, if the text would have said something like, “Hey if you have time do you think you might be able to do these things.

My reaction would have been AMAZINGLY different.

I’m sure you are thinking, Dan you just talked about being a servant and doing what God called you to do. How can you not follow your own advice?

I do have a point I promise. Just stick with me.

The same day I got that text, I got a text one from one of our clients who needed some help.

Not only did I go above and beyond to get them what they needed, I gave them more than they asked for.

Now I’ll bet you’re thinking, but they paid you to do this.

The truth is they did not pay for us to do anything. We did it all free of charge.

They asked extremely differently though.

In case you haven’t figured this out yet, I am an EXTREMELY strong-willed person. I have always been that way too. (just ask my parents, brother, or wife)

When YOU tell me that I WILL do something, most likely hell will freeze over before it happens.

On the other hand, if you ask me to do something, I won’t just do what you ask. I will do so much more.

The way you talk to others is HUGE in getting what you want.

God does the same thing for us.

When he needs us to do something, he is very persuasive. He knows that I am a logical person so he shows me the logic behind the decision so that I jump in both feet first.

My whole point is that when you talk to others, don’t be demanding. Instead of telling someone what to do, ask them if they will do it.

Just try it. This works especially well on strong-willed younger people. (think 5 years old.)