Faith is trusting God

“You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand”

John 13:17

We’ve all had those days when nothing seems to be going right. The dog peed downstairs, your kid won’t put on their shoes, or the dishwasher leaked all over the floor, putting you 20 minutes late leaving the house. In a hurried mess you rush to work already aggravated that nothing was going right. On your way you pass a wreck and pray that no one was hurt.

Take a second and thank God for the crazy mess of a morning you just had. If you would have been on time that could have put you in that same area at the time of the crash. We do not realize Gods plan for us at the time, sometimes things happen to us that we just don’t understand. Maybe you got passed up for a promotion that you know you would have been great at, broke an arm, gained weight, or broke up with your first love.

Each one of these situations can cause you to be angry, heartbroken, disappointed, and leave feelings of unfairness. It’s just like that old saying hindsight is 20/20. Looking back you may realize how lucky you where that you didn’t get that promotion. Maybe it opened up another door for an even greater opportunity, or someone was brought in that you could learn from and grow (good or bad).

When you broke your arm, you were aggravated with the pain and the inconvenience it caused. Now you know that you can lean on people for help in your time of need. If you have gained weight lately. Don’t let that hurt your body image. Take this as an opportunity to dive into your health and diet to better yourself and your family. Maybe you’re hurting from a breakup from someone you were seeing.

Please take comfort in knowing that the one God has chosen for you is still out there & waiting to meet you.  Or who knows maybe you have already met, and it just wasn’t the right time, yet. Each day little and big things are put in our paths so that we can grow and learn from them. Giving us the opportunity to change little things. such as tidying up our house or changing our schedules so that we can leave earlier and not in a rush.

If we learn and grow from every situation we can motivate and help others around us. We also have to be patient. You may be in the middle of a situation that you just cant see why this is happening.  Don’t despair you are not quit able to have that “20/20 hindsight” yet. Look for a way to learn from what is happening or an opportunity to share with someone what you are going through.

Use your experience to motivate or encourage someone around you. Remember that we may not realize why right now, but later we will.



Please God be with us this week. Help us to be patient with you and YOUR plan for us. Help us to realize why we were meant to go through these struggles. With your help Lord we know we will grow into the person you intended us to be. In your precious name.