Getting in the right state to make GREAT decisions.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

This is a take-action devotional, so get ready to move.

Recently I had the opportunity to go to a live event where Tony Robbins presented for 5 hours!

It was absolutely amazing. 

While I would love to tell you about everything I learned (literally over 50 pages of notes taken in 4 days) that would take WAY too long.

So, I really want to focus on one thing. 

Before you make any decisions, you have to get into a high-level state.

If you want to continue making low-level decisions that are ok, go ahead and stay unmotivated and slumped over in your chair.


If you want to learn how to make SUPER high-level decisions with confidence you are going to keep reading this.

Next, turn up the sound and find some amazing song you love that is FAST. I mean FAST! Make it a dance song like Move by Adrenaline (a great Christian song)

The first thing you have to do is stand up.

Go ahead, stand up right now.

Now shake out your whole body.

What are you waiting for? DO IT!

For reals, shake out your body.

Ok now that you’ve done that. Jump a little. Jump higher, higher, higher. Ump like you’re a little kid at a trampoline park and you have absolutely no fear.

Stop watching everyone around you, just jump.

Ok now that you’ve done that, I have one more thing you need to do.

I know, you’re thinking what is this guy thinking. I look like an idiot. Everyone is watching me.


If you want to make GREAT high-level decisions, you have to do the things no one else is willing to do.

Make a noise that makes you happy.

Now make it louder.

Even louder.

Did you, do it?  If you don’t, you won’t get the full effect.

Ok now jump up and down again, you got it, just like a kid in a mud puddle.

Are you doing it?

Ok now make that noise that makes you happy again.


Again, even Louder.

Alright, sit down. Now make some noise in your seat. Move around like you were while you were standing up. It should be so much that you want to stand up again and again.

Ok now take 10 minutes and get that task done. Make those high-level decisions you were having trouble making before.

I know what you are thinking, there is no way that I am doing what Dan just recommended.

Here’s the thing: it is 100% up to you whether you do it or not. But if you try it once and it works, what are you out? Looking a bit ridiculous and making GREAT decisions. 

I have a rule in my life that I got from Russell Brunson (if you don’t know him to look him up). I listen and do all things that giants that own a Helicopter and have stage presence tell us to do.

If it works for Tony Robbins it can work for you. If it works for me, it can work for you.

The key is that you have to believe that it will work. You have to get your body, mind, and heart in the right state before you start making any decisions or you won’t make GREAT decisions.

At best they will be mediocre.

And let me ask you one thing, would you marry someone who is Mediocre? 


You want a 10, not a 6.

So, if we wouldn’t marry someone who is 6 why should we make decisions that only rate at a 6?

Ever since I learned, this directly from Tony at a live event, I use it 100% every day. When I get ready to go teach a course. I do it.

When I get ready to write something, I do it.

When we get ready to buy another business I do it.

When I get ready to go home and see my family I do it.

Because if I’m not present for them then I’m not living my best life. We have one life to live, and we get to choose how we live that life.  We can live in a mediocre state, or we can live in an EXCELLENT STATE.

It’s our choice. Just like it’s our choice who we marry, where we work, what we do.

Now you get to decide, do I want to live the life of a 6 or do I want to live a 100+ plus life?

Personally, I’m going all in and playing HARD every day.

One last thing that I HAVE to tell you.

Ready for this one?  It’s really good.

Life is what we make it. We can choose to be broke, poor, busy, tired, hungry, thirsty, not satisfied.


We can choose to be fulfilled, satisfied, wealthy, healthy, faithful, in love.

It’s all our choice. And we make that decision every single day that we wake up.

One more quick question, have you ever felt that you love your significant other, but may not be IN love with them anymore.

I think that we have all been there at some point in our relationship.

I know that I have. (I’m sure that Jenna has too in the past, I haven’t always been the best husband and father. I have made mistakes. Thank God she is a forgiving woman.)

Can you think of something that used to be cute but is now annoying to you? 

That’s a choice. When you we’re in love, those things didn’t bother you. They were indeed cute little things that they did. And now that your state has changed, they are no longer cute. 

So what can we do to fix this?

Make a decision right now to change your state. Do whatever it takes to get in the right state and stay there.

And when you start to fall out of that state, you have to make the conscious decision to change YOUR state. Not the state of those around you, but yours. 

Guess what?

After you change your state those around you will start to change as well!

So here’s to changing OUR state so that we can make GREAT HIGH-LEVEL decisions all the time.


God, we thank you for the ability to change our state. We know we make better decisions when we are in a GREAT state. And yes, that includes having you in our life and our state. When we keep you present in every aspect of our lives, we grow so much faster and gain so much more knowledge. 

God, we know that you are amazing, and we appreciate everything that you give us. We know that you help us to get where you need us. I know some of us are sweating now and maybe even breathing hard. That’s not a bad thing. You bless us with a good strong heart and body. You have a way of getting us ready to make BIG decisions. Whether that’s deciding if we retire, or start a new business, have kids, or take our grandkids on an amazing vacation.

God, you help us make AWESOME choices. So, thank you for that.  Lord, we pray that you help us to lean on you more and more as we move forward with this life.

Thank you!


A Little More


I have loved writing this section so maybe I will keep it here. Do you like the stories here? If so, make sure that you let us know! 

This whole devotional was pretty much a story. Lol. I tried my best to get everyone to feel what I felt while I was there. 


I know that’s not possible. 

You might believe this but, when I get into a group of people that I don’t know I get extremely shy. It is really hard for me to open up and share things or even talk to others. 

It’s true. I have no issues being on a stage in front of 5000 people, but you put me in a group and ask me to have one on one conversation and I have to push myself really hard to have a conversation with anyone. 

Earlier this year I hung around a conference for an extra day because when I got ready to buy my ticket, I asked God should I get up early and get to the airport, or should I stick around and fly out later. He told me to fly out later, so I did it.

As I walked around the hotel it was soooo empty compared to the night before when Tony Robbins was there, and it was PACKED!

I mean 3000 people in one room, PACKED!

There was a lady sitting on a couch up by where the event was held. The first time I walked by and just nodded.

I sat down, Typed up a blog for Eclipse DOT. I looked down and it was time for me to head back to the room and get ready to head to the airport. But as I passed the lady in the white dress God pushed me into saying, hi!

She said hi back, but it was slightly distressed. So, I went to talk to her. She said her name was Amanda. We exchanged polite conversation. And then I asked if she was here for the conference, and she said yes and no.

I am Chet Holmes, Daughter.

I said the author of the Ultimate Selling Machine, Chet Holmes?

She said, yep that’s him.

I asked her what was going on. She said that she was re-writing his book and updating it. And she was stuck. The book was due to publishers 10/1 and it was 9/26 so she had 4 good days to finish it up.

We talked a little more about what she was going through and how she was pretty much done but wanted to add more to this one chapter. And after she got started it added like 30 extra pages. And she didn’t love it.

She made the comment that she could write a whole book just on this chapter.

I asked her, what if you just leave it the way you had it. Then she could start her second book and grow her thoughts about that chapter into a full book.

She took a deep breath and said, oh my gosh you are so right! Wow, I really needed that, thanks.

I told her that God planned this well before you and I ever met. He had me stay later just for this.

Let me tell you this, if you don’t think that God is amazing, I will argue with you about that, all day long. 3 months before I ever met Amanda Holmes. God knew she would need me and that exact day and time. Literally, 10 min before I had to leave for the airport.

After that, I RAN back to my room, threw my stuff into my bag, and ran down to meet my uber to take me to the airport. And I was 5 min late to meet him. 

Thank goodness he waited for me. Lol.

So next time you hear your heart telling you to do something. I beg you to listen to it!

God is going to use you in some way that you don’t even know yet.

Will you pray with us?

Mankind throughout the world throughout our current situation

All Law enforcement and emergency response personnel

For all military personal serving our country and their families

Those in Leadership positions throughout the world