Give it all to God

For I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength


“For I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength.”


Philippians 4:13


Have you ever been extremely stressed and felt like you might not be able to handle anything else?


Then just about the time you think that you will pop something else happens, that makes it even worse!


I’ve been there a million times before, and I am sure I will be there a million times again.


Here is my question: Do you turn to God before you feel like you are about to pop? Or do you wait until it feels like you can’t handle it any longer?


One thing that I have found in life is that I have to give it all to God all the time, then it never gets to the point where I just want to pop.


I have this thing where I personally give credit to God for everything good that happens. And for all the other stuff I take full credit for that.  


Like if I’m having a hard time paying bills because customers aren’t paying their bills on time. I take credit for that because I didn’t put enough pressure on them to get them to pay their bills.


On the other hand, when I have this awesome flight where it is really smooth and enjoyable to be in the air. I give that credit to God. Thank you, God, for the amazing flight!


It’s kind of like if I give him credit for everything and I also take extreme ownership in everything I never get to my breaking point.


You might be asking, Dan, you just totally contradicted yourself in that last sentence. How can you give credit to God while taking extreme ownership? I just don’t get it.


Well, let me explain what I’m talking about here so that you can see where I’m coming from.


Let’s start with how we give credit to God for everything.

How do you do that?


I literally say, Thank you God for _____!


Pretty darn easy right?!?!?!?!?


The other thing that I do is publicly give him credit. Don’t believe me, just check out any of my social media and you can see that I give God credit for TONS publicly.


One example is by saying, God did an outstanding job on this sunset. Or God blessed us again today by allowing us to ________!


Not too hard either, is it?!?!?!?!?


The last part of giving God credit is probably the hardest one to do until you get good at it, then it comes much easier. I give credit to God internally.


What does that even mean?


It means that in my own mind, I say, Thank you God for ______!


I know it might sound crazy that this is the hardest.  But the thing is that when we accomplish something. Like paying off a debt, building a business, gaining more followers, finishing up an engine rebuild, cleaning the stove, cooking an amazing dinner, or  as humans, we internally want to take credit for what we just accomplished.


âWow, I really am that good.  Look at how great that landing was!  This quilt turned out amazing, I’m glad I have the skills to do this!



Instead, I want you to say, Thank you God for giving me the skills to build this quilt.Thank you, God, for this amazing smooth landing!


If you can say that in your own mind, then you are truly giving credit to God. Not just showing that you are giving credit to God.


Ok so that covers how to give credit to God, now let’s dive deeper into how to take ownership.


The first step is to admit that we are not perfect. I know it was kind of a shock to me too that I am not PERFECT!! Lol.


When we take ownership of everything it means that we accept that whatever happened is because of our actions.


But Dan, how do I take ownership if I just gave credit to God?  I am so confused right now!!!


Just hang with me a little bit longer.


Were you created? YES!!!!

Ok, we all agree that we were created.

Have you ever created anything?

YES, you have. I create things all day every day. I am creating this devotional right now!

Can I create this devotional or anything else without the help of my creator?


So, I take ownership of my creations, like this devotional, but I am also giving credit to God for allowing me to create this.

Does that make sense?????

That’s how we take ownership, but still, give credit to God.

I can promise you that someone is going to read this and be like, That Dan guy is crazy and this was soo hard to follow!

And another person is going to send me a message that says, Dan I have never thought about it like that before. Thank you for opening my eyes to this.

All right, now time for the last part of this concept. Giving all to God all the time!

If you can’t tell, I like to give full credit to God all the time. When I miss a bill and pay it a day or 2 late I say, Thank you for helping me to remember to pay this!

Or when I see an amazing sunset or sunrise! Thank you for creating this AWESOME sunset and coaxing me to go look at it!

Or maybe when Jenna and I bicker at each other, (it never happens our relationship is PERFECT because I am the perfect husband! If you believe that then I have some oceanfront property in Colorado that I’d like to sell you. lol!!) Thank you, God, for helping us to see each other’s side so that we can move forward in unison.

Can you see where I’m going with this?

The last thing that I want to say about giving it all to God while maintaining ownership of everything is that it’s not easy and it will take some time to master. You also need to know that if you start doing this all of your problems are not going to magically disappear.


They will seem easier to handle and maybe, just maybe, they won’t seem as big and won’t cause you as much stress.

The Bible says it constantly throughout it, Trust in God with all your heart!

This means that you have to believe that everything happens for a reason.

As Tony Robbins says, Nothing happens to you, it happens FOR you!

Time to Take Action


My favorite part of the devotional!

Today I want you to take a moment and reflect on how you can give more credit to God.

Ok, write them down! how are you going to give more credit to him???

Next, I want you to really reflect on anything that you might need to take ownership of. Do you have anything that has happened lately that you need to do that for?

Write them down!

Now Pray!!!! Give God Credit, take ownership, and share your success!



Lord, today we come to you with hearts that are full of LOVE. Love for you and everything that you have given to us. We are so grateful for the blessing that you poured out over our lives. We are grateful for the experience that you have given us.

Today, we pray that you help us to take ownership of everything while giving you FULL credit for it as well. Help us to give you credit in our minds and hearts. Because that is the most important part of true success. To give you credit in our hearts.  Help us to KNOW that you are the reason for our success.

In everything. Lord thank you for everything!

We ask all these things in your precious son’s name.


Little More


There are so many stories running through my mind that I could share about taking ownership while giving credit to God. 

Do you ever watch sports?

I really don’t watch them. But the other day my youngest, Jacob, turned on a game and we were sitting there watching it together.

What I saw really surprised me.

A TON of the players were thanking God for the goal they just scored, or the basket they just made.

At first, I was like, Really you just scored a goal. Why are you putting on this show, it’s not that you just did something amazing.

Then after thinking about it for a minute or 2 it hit me. Them scoring a goal is the same as me getting a new client. Or my brother repairing a machine.

I know that I give thanks to God for every new client and existing client that I have!

They are the same thing. The only difference is that their show is more public than mine is.

But what if I started showing that affection to God after every client publicly??? I could make a post about how excited we are to have _____ join our team and the Eclipse DOT Family!

If you know me you know that I’m an action-taker.

So as I had this thought I implemented a new plan that I am going to do moving forward.  I am going to publicly proclaim when I have victories.

If you want to help hold me accountable, then you need to follow me on any social media channel and make sure that I am doing this more regularly!!!

Can’t wait to get started with this!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited right now.

So I’m going to run and get started while I have this momentum.

Dan Greer