Keeping God Close

Come near to God and he will come near to you

“Come near to God and he will come near to you.”

James 4:8

As you might have figured out from my past devotionals, I write a TON of them based on personal experiences.

So, if this gets a little too personal for you, I am sorry.

But hey, that’s just who I am. It’s the person I was designed to be. The one who gets personal and does not really know personal boundaries.


Today I want to chat about keeping God close to you as you live.

I’ll bet that a lot of you who are reading this right now are thinking, got that covered or maybe, Yeah, it’s harder than I thought it would be!

To be frank (or Joe, or Dan, or Meg, lol) with you, I can feel both of those thoughts on the same day!

But here lately I have been feeling the latter thought more. So, I thought why not write a devotional with some of the things that I do to make sure that I am doing my best to keep God close?

But before I dive into the meat of this devotional, I’d like to say that God belongs in every aspect of your life.

From business to family and travel to commuting to work. Not only does he belong in every aspect. He wants to be there too!!!

Recently I had another person tell me that religion (God) doesn’t belong in my business.

While it is okay for them to feel that way, I don’t push my relationship with the Lord on anyone. When they finally get up the guts to start their own business then they can keep God out of it and see just how long it lasts.

Jenna and I were watching this movie the other night, I’m horrible with movie names. But it had Julia Roberts and George Clooney in it. Their daughter just finished college and went for a little trip to Bali where she met the love of her life. A Seaweed Farmer.

The first day that she went to the farm with her new love. They were wading out to check the crops and she was saying how awesome this was.

That is when the guy said, It is great. I consider this a partnership with God.

He didn’t consider it all his hard work, and God didn’t do it without him. It was a partnership. They both had to be involved to make it happen.

Just like our lives.

God wants the best for us, but we have to step up to the plate and swing if we want the opportunity to grow.

Alright, I guess I have rambled on long enough. Are you ready for the tips that I use in my everyday life for keeping God close to me?


Tip 1. Make God the first thought of the day.

Don’t wake up and reach for your phone. Or think, just a few more minutes I’m soooooo tired. Instead, wake up and say, Thank you for this wonderful sleep I just received.

How can I serve you today?

When we start our day with gratitude towards our creator it makes a HUGE difference in getting our mindset right for the rest of the day.

Tip 2. Read the bible.
I know that you have heard this from me before.


I don’t read the bible like most normal human beings.

I say a quick prayer, God guide me to the pages that you need me to read and allow me to hear the message that you craft for me today!

Then with my eyes closed I open the bible.

It’s like an adventure while sitting at my dining room table!!! Where is God going to guide me today and what am I going to learn from infinite intelligence?

Tip 3. Pray, A LOT!

Prayer is our way to connect with God.

To be honest with you I pray all day every day.

Before I get in the car, before meetings, before sending emails, before flying, before.

I think you get the point. I pray a LOT!

But here’s where I do something different than some people. I pray and then listen!

I can hear God talking to me when I shut my mouth and open my ears. The other thing that is WAY harder to do is after I hear what God is telling me. I go do it.

This one time after praying God directed me to call a specific company I had been trying to get in touch with.

So, I did what I was told. I picked up my phone and called the main number I had. In the past, I had never been able to get past the gatekeepers and get the right person.
But this time, the right person answered the phone. His assistant was out sick, and he was playing receptionist for the day!

After a quick conversation, I set up a meeting and that was all it took.

The best part of this quick story is that I wasn’t praying about business or clients. But that was where God needed me to be.

So be open to hearing different things that you are praying about. His answers might SHOCK you!

I’ve got a ton more tips, but I have been rambling on for long enough. And these are GREAT starts for keeping God close to you in every aspect of your life.

Time to Take Action

Today I want you to re-read tips 1-3 and just try them.

Read the Bible, at least one verse right now, and not the verse at the top of this devotional. Lol

When you go to sleep tell yourself that you are going to Think about God first thing when you wake up.

And lastly, pray often. But after you pray simply allow yourself to listen.

Then take action!!


Lord, God you are an amazing being that gives us so much more than we deserve. God today we would like to invite you into every aspect of our lives. We would like to pause for a moment and say thank you for wanting to be in our lives and thank you for helping us along our journey.

God, we also pray that you help us to live our lives in a way that others might be able to see you in us. Allow us to have Godly actions that others see so that we can lead them closer to you just by our actions. Lord, I know that I have asked for a lot today, but I have one more request.

God, I pray that you help us all to listen and hear you better. Helps us to hear your voice and then take action. Even when that action is uncomfortable. Because we know that when we are uncomfortable, that’s when we grow the most. Thank you for everything.

We ask all these things in your precious son’s name.


Little More

It’s Sunday morning and I’m sipping a cup of coffee while I type this. Most of the house is still asleep. Because I get up so dang early every day.

When you own a business there are no weekends or days off.  Lol

But the thing that I have realized is that I LOVE what I do.  And I wouldn’t change my patterns and routines for anything in the world.

I love getting up early and getting a few things done before the rest of the family is up and at it.

Not to mention out of my office windows I get to watch the sunrise.

Someday I’m going to build a Victorian-style office that is up in the air with 360 views so I can watch the sunrise and sunset every single day.

But for now, I am blessed to be able to watch the sunrise almost every day!

Here lately I have been traveling so much that I made the comment to Jenna, I can’t wait for a week where I get to spend the whole thing at home!

Ever since before San Diego, I have been crazy with travel, business, and family.

Like earlier this week on Monday at 3 pm I got an email saying that I needed to be in Denver for a one-day meeting if I want to be eligible for an opportunity.

This was the first week that I was supposed to have the whole week at home working.

But as any good entrepreneur would do. I pivoted my plans and made a quick trip to Denver.

Today I’m getting ready to load up the plane, pick up a customer and head to Provo Utah for a week-long business accelerator.

Next week it’s back to Denver for a 30-minute pitch and then home right after that.

And the week after that I am considering taking someone from my team to Denver for a one-day live event. Because we are doing more live events I like to go to them and dissect what they do and why they do it and what they sell.

I learned how to operate a motor grader by riding and watching the operator run it. Then when I got into the seat he was SHOCKED at how quickly I picked it up.

I’m doing the same thing with live events.

Go to the best in the industry, learn from them, and also dissect them to see how they made me feel and what they did.

There is so much that goes into choreographing a successful live event that I am going to be one the best in the world at this someday and teach others how to do the same thing!!!

The big thing for me is that with all this travel and HUGE plans and goals, I know that I need to have God close to me. Because it is so easy to get distracted from God and start chasing after what I want instead of what he needs me to do.

That is why before I do anything I ask this one simple prayer, “God is this where you need me to go? If so, open my mind to learn everything I can about what YOU need me to.

Hope you have a GREAT day!

Dan Greer