Nothing is Impossible

“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.”

MARK 10:27

Sitting here writing this devotional there are about 1 million ideas running through my mind of what to write this on.

Since I am extremely involved with business.

I’m not going to write about this.

I’ll bet you are thinking, FINALLY a devotional that is not about business! Praise the Lord!!!

This devotional isn’t over yet, I still might tie to business. Lol


Since I like big equipment

I’m NOT going to relate it to construction.

Since I am such a GREAT husband (some days, lol)..

Am not going to write about relationships.

Since I LOVE speaking from stage.

Ok, I think I drug this on long enough!

Today I would really like to talk about all aspects of life and doing it all for God. From business (oops I Just can’t control myself. Lol) to marriage, to raising your kids, to what you do for fun. Everything you do can be done for God.

Yes, that includes hunting! (That was for Billy, my oldest, he loves hunting.)

The point that I really want to make here is that everything in this life that you do can be done for God and in his name.

I think all too often that a lot of the world takes credit for what God has done. At least when it is a good thing.

Like when we host a live event, and the room is booked. It’s really easy to say, “Look at the great job of marketing we did!

Instead of saying, Thank you God for helping us to fill this room for this amazing event. Help us to deliver the message YOU need us to. (oh man, I did it again, tied it to business.  My bad. Lol)

Or when one of our kids makes an amazing play in sports or plays this amazing song on their instrument.

I think that you get my point.

Giving credit to God is important in every aspect of our lives.

You might be thinking, Dan, what do giving credit to God and doing it for God have in common? Aren’t they 2 different things?


They kind of are 2 different things. But if we start to change our mindset to giving credit to him it will be much easier to do everything for him.

Think about it for a second.

When we give credit to God for doing everything! Thank you Lord, for giving me the inspiration to make this amazing sandwich!

Pretty soon we start building the sandwich to new standards because we are quite literally giving all of the credit to God!!!

How cool is that?!?!?!?!?!

When it comes to parenting, do not raise your kids so that they will be successful. Or be Good people. Instead raise them with the love of God in their hearts so that when they come on harder times, they have a friend to lean on. Someone who they can ask advice from and who will NEVER steer them wrong.

Then they will be everything and have everything that you want for them!

When it comes to your relationship, don’t stop the heated discussion (fight) because you are tired of fighting. Do it because you love them. When you bite your tongue so that the argument doesn’t happen, give that credit to God for giving you the willpower.

When it comes to work, do it all for God. If you are rebuilding an engine, do it as if it were going into God’s hotrod!!! If you are getting new customers, treat them as if you were saving their lives from the enemy. If you are building a new product, build it as though it will drastically change every life that touches it.

When you do it for God, can you fail????


You know what I say about failure, don’t you?

Fail stands for First Attempt In Learning!



Take Action

Today I would like you to pause for a second and write down everything that you could do for God or in his name.

Not the things that you are thankful for, but what you could do in his name.

Did you do it?


Next, I would like you to simply give thanks to God for everything that has happened in your life today.

Waking up, having power, having food, the taste of water, your possessions (what you own), the people in your life, the people who are no longer in your life, the life you live, the work you do, the fact that my kids remembered to brush their teeth!!!


Hey there God! How are you doing today? We know that you are a busy guy, so we will keep it short today. Lord, today we would like to say thank you.

Thank you for giving us the support we need to accomplish what you need us to. We do have one favor to ask God. If you have time, we could sure use your help.

If you could simply give us the courage to know that you are behind us in every idea that you give to us. Help us to know that all we have to do is ask for help and you will be there to give us the wisdom and courage that we need to truly succeed. God, thank you!

We ask all these things in your precious son’s name


A Little More

Recently I have been watching Shark Tank.

If you don’t know what Shark Tank is, it is a show where people who have a business or think they have a business go on TV to pitch their business to 5-6 sharks (investors) in hopes of selling them part of their business.

In return, they get a partner that helps them by injecting capital into the business. The next step is to scale and grow their business to new levels.

Being an entrepreneur myself, I really enjoy watching and learning from every pitch that is made.

There are some products/businesses that are pitched and I can see the potential.

Then there are other products.

When they are pitched, you think holy cow how can they actually think that this is a viable business? There is no way that this will ever work!

As I watch the show it makes me think about our business. My mind goes to what the possibilities are and where we want to take them.

Which for me, gets me a little excited. But it also makes me a little scared too.

I have this amazing God-given gift. I have the gift to dream HUGE.

For reals.

I think so big that it scares the majority of people that ask me what I expect our business to accomplish.

One of my dreams is to build a conference center that is shaped like a truck. I know what you are thinking. Dan that sounds WICKED cool!!.

Oh, you weren’t thinking that. What the heck????

Well, I have had this dream for quite a while now. Well, I was combing through social media the other day and I saw this guy who draws pictures of trucks.

So, I reached out to him to see what he would charge me to create custom pictures for our customers of their trucks.

Because why not..

Then after we started this relationship, I asked him if he would be willing to create a picture of my future event center.

To my surprise, he was excited to create it!

So we started talking about what I wanted.

He came up with a concept. Then we made a few changes.

Made a few more changes.

Made a few more changes.

Added some elk to the picture, because why not. Lol

Then he added some lights to the building and sent it back over to me.

I loved it!

So what did I do? I got that picture printed on a canvas so that I could hang it up in my office.

Now I get to look at my dream every day! Every time I see it, I pause for a second and think about the future.

Most people would have just had the thought.

But not me.

I took action on the thought. And this is the first step in making something awesome!

I have to laugh because the other day as a family we were watching a movie at the house. It was an animated movie with superheroes and villains.

There was a part of the movie where the billionaire launches his rocket that was built into his house.

Nathen looked over at me and said, Dad where is your rocket going to be, every billionaire has to have a rocket!

We all laughed out loud.

Well, in case you are interested in what my events center is going to look like someday here it is.

What I want to do is encourage you to DREAM BIG!

Dream so big that it scares everyone around you!


Will you pray with us?


Mankind throughout the world throughout our current situation
All law enforcement and emergency response personnel
For all military personal serving our country and their families
Those in Leadership positions throughout the world