Silly Rabbit Easter is for Christ!

“He is not here; he has risen!”


Luke 24:6-7



Christ is Risen. Today many people around the world gathered for sunrise services to celebrate the FACT that Jesus was raised to be at the right hand of God.

We know that today is probably not the exact day on the calendar that Christ was raised.

The great thing though is that we can celebrate his life ANY TIME!  We simply choose today to celebrate the FACT that Jesus is alive.

How do you think the girls/women who went to the tomb so many years ago felt when they arrived and found that Jesus was GONE?

I’m guessing that they were a little shocked, probably in disbelief, and we were trying to figure out what happened.

Who moved him? Where did they put him? Why did they do it?

Could you imagine if it happened today?

The girls would have been doing a Facebook or Instagram live as they came upon the tomb. Lol.

Even though Jesus told everyone who would listen that he was going to have to go through suffering, death, and then be raised to the right hand of God. they didn’t hear him.

Have you ever been there?

God told you something was going to happen, but you refused to HEAR him.

Never happens to me, I never miss the signs from God.


Are you kidding me, it happens to me every single day?! I get lost in my own world and forget to actually listen to God.

Then what happens? things go just the way God says they will, and we all sit there with a (dumb) look on our faces saying what happened?

I am well-practiced in that face.

Later Jesus came to them and the other disciples, it wasn’t until he broke the bread that God opened their eyes to see who he really was.

The same exact thing happens to us. God only opens our eyes when we are ready to see, he only opens our ears when we are ready to hear.

Think back to when you should have recognized someone, but it was later that you actually knew who they were.

I like to call that star-struck.

I swear I could walk right by pretty much any TV star, except for Tim Allen, or Jennifer Aniston, and not know who they are.

But that is just people.

How many times have I not had an open mind so I couldn’t see the whole picture?


God knows what we need and when we need it.

Not too long ago, I walked by this pretty lady sitting on a couch. I didn’t recognize her at all.

Not even a little bit.

But then after she got up and walked by me a second time. (not the first but the second) it hit me who she was.  An amazing author. Amanda Holmes! (you might not know her, but Chet Holmes was her dad author of the ultimate sales machine)

The point is that if God blinded me so that I didn’t make a complete fool out of myself and act like a star-stuck teenager.

Much the same way the disciples would have acted with Jesus.

Instead, he blinded me monetarily. Just like he has for you multiple times.

Take Action:

Today I want you to take action by praying.

Pray for God to show a few of the times in the past where he blinded you for your protection.

Maybe it was in a business deal or taking on a new job that didn’t work out. Or when he didn’t let you marry that one person you thought was the perfect fit so that you could find the real perfect partner. HUGE shout out to Jenna for putting up with me for so long!

Pray that he opens your eyes to see what he needs you to see when he needs you to see it.

Lastly, share this.

Think about the lives you could touch just by sharing this devotional with one different person every week.

If everyone did that pretty soon we could touch over 10 million lives every week!


So don’t wait. Share it today.


Lord, today we come to you with an open heart and open mind so that we can see what you need us to see and hear what you need us to hear when you need us to hear and see it. Help us to know that you are looking out for us all the time and that you want us to be blinded sometimes.

God if you would not have blinded Saul then he would have never changed his ways from persecuting Christians to being a HUGE inspiration and bringing countless people to Christ. It is because you chose to blind us that we really learn to appreciate your guidance.

Lord, we also ask that you help us to give full credit to you for everything that happens in our lives. Also, help us to always see the positive side of everything. Lord when they discovered the body gone they chose to see the negative, at least some of them did. Help us to look for the positive and blatantly ignore the negative.

Lord, we are so very thankful that you help us, even when we can’t see that you are helping. Please never stop giving us help. You know that we need it.

In your precious son’s name.





A little More

Our church always has an Easter sunrise service, out in our field. We placed a cross out there just as a reminder that the cross was empty and the promise that God is there for us and he alone can do anything.

This service is one of my favorites because we get up early, and start a few fires. Then gather around them and talk about the story of Jesus while singing the old hymns that I grew up on.

As we sing and talk about the story of Jesus the sun rises and the fires die down a little (if we can keep the kids, and me, from stoking them too much. Lol)

It is magical watching the sun creep into view over the hills and it always reminds me that God created this earth. Just like he created me. And if that is so spectacular, and it has happened for 1000 years I can be great for a few decades.

I’m not sure why I love this experience so much.


Maybe I love it so much because I enjoy sharing the experience with our kids.

Maybe I love it because we stand around fires holding a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Maybe I love it because I know the songs by heart and don’t need a hymn book.

Maybe I love it because it takes me back to my childhood and it was one of the two annual services my dad used to go to.

Shoot it might be all those reasons and a few more that I do not even know.

But maybe, just maybe it is because I KNOW that God is present there. I KNOW that he is standing there in that field with us, watching his creation at work.  Watching the sun creep over the hills and brighten up the sky.

It was so great seeing people that only come to church every now and then that day.  It gives me a chance to chat with those who I don’t usually see because they are so busy in life that it is hard to find time to stop. (I’m 100% guilty of that)


After the service in the field, we all go back to the church and have a HUGE breakfast. Everyone brings something and there is always more than enough food to feed an army.

In the words of my grandmother, If you leave hungry, it’s your own fault.

Then after breakfast, we have another service for those who want to stay or for those who couldn’t make it to the sunrise service.

We all have memories like this one for me.

They might not be in church, but you do have special memories and things you still like doing because it brings you joy.

Here is my suggestion to you.

Next time you get to that place that brings you joy.


Look around and see what’s there, try to understand what makes it so special.

Then soak up every inch of that space and the atmosphere it brings.

Last pray. Let God know how much you appreciate his work, and yes that includes you!




Will you pray with us?

Mankind throughout the world throughout our current situation

All Law enforcement and emergency response personnel

For all military personal serving our country and their families

Those in Leadership positions throughout the world