Speaking Life: Igniting Joy and Purpose through God-Centered Words

Speaking Life

 “The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.”

Proverbs 18:21 


Have you ever found yourself in a conversation that takes an unexpected twist?


Picture this: I recently had the chance to catch up with someone I hadn’t talked to in ages and let me tell you, it started off with a bang!


We shared stories about their kids, family, and career, and it was all going great.


But then, like a plot twist in a movie, things took a different direction.


As we dove into their life updates, they suddenly shifted gears and started dishing out some not-so-positive talk about someone else’s journey.


Cue the gossip radar!


Now, hold up! Let me make one thing clear I have a serious aversion to gossip.


It’s just not my cup of tea.


I’d rather go wading through a Florida swamp full of gators with dead chickens tied all over my body than gossip about someone else. (Quite the picture right?)


I just do not engage in conversations with people who enjoy spreading rumors about others.


Frankly, I don’t care about the choices others make if they don’t align with my personal beliefs.


You see, a while back, I had an “aha” moment. I realized that it’s not my place to pass judgment on others and their actions.


Here’s the deal  whether someone identifies as LGBTQ+, follows a different faith, owns a mansion, lives on the streets, is hitched, or rocking the solo life, it’s all good with me! As long as they don’t try to force their choices on me, they’re free to live their lives authentically. I’m not the judge of their actions; I’m solely accountable for my own.


And let me tell you, I’ve made a firm decision not to engage in gossip about others.


Now, I bet you didn’t see this devotional taking such a thrilling turn, did you?


Well, neither did I!


But bear with me because there’s a golden nugget of wisdom here.


Our words have the power to reveal what’s truly brewing in our hearts. When we choose kindness, upliftment, and offer wise counsel when sought, we’re shining a spotlight on our hearts overflowing with love.


But wait, there’s more!


When we choose to spread toxic rumors or make others feel guilty for choices that have zero impact on our own lives, it’s like a rocket launch in the wrong direction  it goes absolutely nowhere!


Zilch! Nada!


It only causes pain and exposes the lack of love in our own hearts.


So, let’s hit pause for a moment and reflect on the power of our words. Let’s align our speech with the vibrant rhythm of a God First Life.


Let’s breathe life into others, nurturing hearts that dance with love and compassion.


When we embrace God as the center of our lives, we tap into the immense potential of our tongues. They possess the extraordinary ability to either bring life or deal a knockout blow.


Our words can build people up or tear them down. That’s why it’s essential to be mindful of what we say and how we say it.


In the midst of our engaging conversations, we might stumble upon gossip lurking around the corner.


But fear not!


It’s time to kick gossip to the curb and choose a different path. Instead of diving headfirst into negative chatter about others, let’s redirect our focus to uplifting and encouraging them. Let’s become purveyors of positivity and champions of inspiration.


But hey, there’s one more thing!


Let’s not forget to pay attention to how we respond when the spotlight swings back our way. Strive for balance, my friend! Let’s share our authentic selves without oversharing unnecessary details. And when those questions come knocking, let’s respond with grace and kindness.


Remember, the words we speak not only reflect our hearts but also have the power to impact those around us.


By deliberately choosing to speak life, we showcase the depth of love anchoring our lives, guided by the principles of a God First Life.


So, here’s your challenge let’s commit today to align our speech with God’s priorities.


Let’s use our words to uplift, inspire, and ignite joy in others. May our conversations be like a symphony of grace, love, and wisdom, resonating the transformation happening within our hearts.


Together, let’s paint a vibrant world where our tongues become instruments of life-giving blessings, nurturing relationships, and ushering in a God First Life filled with purpose and delight.

Time to Take Action

1. Embrace the “Pause and Assess” technique!

Before speaking, take a moment to pause and assess your words. Ask yourself, “Is what I’m about to say bringing life or causing harm?”

Choose words that uplift, encourage, and bring joy to those around you.

2. Practice the “Compliment Challenge”!

 Challenge yourself to give genuine compliments to at least three people every day.

Look for opportunities to speak life into others, appreciating their talents, character, or unique qualities.

Then watch how your positive words create a ripple effect of joy.

3. Be a “Joy Ambassador”! Make it your mission to spread joy wherever you go. Use your words to inspire, make others laugh, and brighten someone’s day.

Whether it’s a joke, a funny story, or a kind word, let your words be like rays of sunshine, bringing smiles and warmth to those around you.

4. Create a “Words of Life” jar!

Grab a jar and colorful paper. Every time you hear or think of an uplifting, positive, or encouraging word or phrase, jot it down and drop it in the jar.

Whenever you need a boost or want to inspire others, pick a random slip and share the words of life with someone who needs it most.

5. Seek wisdom and guidance!

Prayerfully ask God to help you align your speech with His purposes.

Seek wisdom through reading Scripture, meditating, and spending time in His presence. Allow His truth to shape your words and let the Holy Spirit guide your conversations.

Remember, your words have incredible power. Use them wisely, sprinkle them with love and laughter, and watch as you create a world where the tongue brings life, joy, and blessings to all who hear it.



Heavenly Father,

With hearts filled with joy and a desire to align our speech with your will, we humbly come before you. You are the God who speaks life into existence, and we ask for your guidance as we strive to reflect your love through our words.

Father, we confess that at times we have allowed our tongues to wander into the realm of gossip and negativity. We have veered off course from the path of speaking life and have caused pain instead of bringing healing. Forgive us, Lord, for the times we have missed the mark.

Today, we surrender our words to you. We ask for your Holy Spirit to empower us to use our speech to uplift and encourage others. May our conversations be infused with your grace, reflecting your heart of love and compassion. Help us to be intentional in our words, choosing them wisely and with kindness.

As we navigate the twists and turns of life’s conversations, we pray for discernment. Open our eyes to opportunities where our words can bring hope to the hopeless, joy to the discouraged, and peace to the troubled. Teach us to speak life-giving words that plant seeds of faith and inspire others to draw closer to you.

Lord, we recognize that our tongues have the power to shape relationships and impact lives. May our words be a reflection of your truth, spoken in humility and wrapped in empathy. Give us the wisdom to know when to speak and when to listen, so that our conversations may be filled with wisdom, understanding, and grace.

Thank you, Father, for the privilege of using our words to glorify you. Strengthen us to be ambassadors of your love, carrying the message of hope and restoration wherever we go. Help us to embody the spirit of a God First Life in all aspects, including our speech.

In the name of Jesus, who spoke words of life that transformed hearts, we pray.


Little More

As I wrote this devotional a few stories came to mind of when I used to be a gossip magnet.

Because I used to talk about others iin a negative tone all the time, it was like those who liked to gossip sought me out.

Ever since I have made it a priority not to talk about others, unless it’s positive, it seems that I hardly ever get confronted by those who LOVE to gossip.

Here is my one tip to start the journey to avoiding gossiping and gossipers.

Are you ready for this??????

Ok, here it is.

Acknowledge that you don’t want to talk about anyone when they are not there unless it is positive.

Then when the opportunity comes to talk about someone, say in your head (or out loud) I’m not that person anymore. I don’t talk about others unless it’s positive!

That one simple step keeps it in the front of your mind that you don’t do that.

That’s all folks.

I hope that you have a GREAT day and enjoy your week!

Dan Greer