The Gift Of Giving

“Remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth.” 

Deuteronomy 8:18

Guess What?

It’s that time of year again!

CHRISTmas is here!!!!!  

Well not quite yet, but it is quite literally right around the corner.

I LOVE CHRISTMAS for several reasons.

One is because we get the opportunity to give gifts in Christ’s name to others.

Another reason is that it seems that this time of year a lot of people have a very giving heart. They give more of their time to others.

And lastly, I get to play the Grinch (if I want to)!! I absolutely love dressing up as the Grinch and walking around. I might just get dressed up on Christmas eve and go shopping!!!!

How much fun would that be???????

I absolutely love giving the gift of laughter to others.

but lately, I have been struggling with giving that gift as much as I used to.

Maybe it is because I think that I need to be seen as a professional business owner that has all of his ducks in a row and knows what I’m doing.

Or maybe.

It is because some of my humor is not quite as clean as it should be. To be honest I used to be able to go into a shop, start telling a joke and truckers would say, Hey, hey, hey, watch your mouth there are mechanics in here. lol Just kidding (kind of)


The thing is that I love sharing WEALTH with others.

But sometimes we get confused on what wealth really is. I’m here to help you figure out what wealth is to you.

Because wealth is different to everyone.

Webster defines it as an abundance of valuable material possessions OR resources

Most people don’t read that one little word, OR

They see possessions and think that wealth is having a TON of money! Or a TON of stuff!

Most people don’t see wealth as a big picture like God does.

To me Wealth is a mindset.

If you believe that you are wealthy you are.

Even if you have no $$, or no time, or no family, or no friends, or you literally have 0 possessions. You can still be wealthy.

Honestly when we were a single-income family that was living off of $28,000 annually. We were wealthy.

Simply because we had a good marriage, happy kids, enough food for every meal, a warm home, and family close by.

Rich and wealthy are NOT the same things.

And that right there is exactly why God didn’t say, Give when you are rich. Because God is who the money comes from.

That would have a whole different meaning. Wouldn’t it?

Instead, God gave us the direction to give back because he is the reason we have the ability to produce WEALTH.

You are probably reading this right now thinking, What the heck is Dan smoking right now, he is all over the board. Lol

Give me just a second, I promise I’m getting ready to tie it all together, wrap it up and put a pretty bow on it for you.

When God gave the guidance to remember him when we give, because he is the reason we are able to do everything we do.

When I share laughter by dressing up at the grinch I get to do it for God!

When we give gifts to others for Christmas, think of God when you buy the gift, think of him as you wrap the gifts. And most of all think of God as you open the gifts you receive.

Lastly, When you receive any gift, no matter what time of year it is, think of God and how you can use the gift to move you forward in your purpose he has given you.


Take Action

I pretty much just gave you the take action piece of this devotional.

As you purchase / make / build the gifts you are giving to others, think of God.

As you receive gifts, think of God.

Share your wealth. And remember that wealth is not $$$!!! It could be wisdom, patience, love, laughter, an experience, anything you find value in.


Lord, God, Father in heaven. We would like to start by saying THANK YOU. Thank you for sending your son into this amazing world to save us from our sins. Thank you for giving us the ability to create our own wealth.

Thank you for letting us know that wealth and $$$ are not the same thing. Thank you for giving me the ability to give to others. Thank you for helping us to see you in the gifts that we receive throughout our life on this earth. 

God, I do have one small favor to ask. If you could be with our tribe, I would really appreciate it. God if you could simply bless their lives in ways, they never imagined possible that would be amazing.

They deserve so much because they aren’t scared to share their faith in you with the world. Thank you for our tribe.

We ask all these things in your precious son’s name.


Merry Christmas!!!!

A Little More

So many stories come to mind as I wrote this devotional!

But the one that I wanted to tell you about is about the time that Jenna convinced me to dress up as the Grinch for the first time for our little elementary school Christmas program.

Then I realized that I just told you about that one a few weeks ago.  (man, I’m getting old if I want to keep telling you the same stories. Lol)

Then I thought about and decided that I would tell you about the second time I dressed up as the grinch for their program.

This time the kid’s kind of expected the Grinch to show up!!

I mean he was there last year, why wouldn’t he come back this year????

As I sat in a little room backstage, Jenna was helping me get all dressed up again.

But this year, I added a few upgrades to the grinch costume. I bought hairy Green pants, and a hairy green shirt.  I had a full green suit under my Santa coat, and we found some amazing Green long fingered gloves.

My heart started racing as the kids neared the end of their performance.

They broke out into the song, how the Grinch Stole Christmas. And I did it again. But this time instead of walking out.

I pranced.

Yes, you read that right. I pranced out behind the 5th graders as they sang the song and started picking on them. I took one kid’s Santa hat and traded it for mine.

Mine went all the way over his face and covered his eyes.

I found one of my kids and acted like I was picking fleas out of his hair. And then pretended to flick them on other kids.

I continued to play with all of the kids throughout the song!

It was so much FUN!!!

Then I ran to the back of the room with all of the parents. and just looked at the kids. With a funny look on my face. as Grinch-like as possible. When they finished the song I Grinch walked back up to the front. Right in front of all the kids and said in my best possible Grinch voice, I’m the GRI, GRIN, GRINCH! Are you Scared???

Then with the biggest smile I have ever had, I smiled at all of the kids so that they could see I was only kidding with them!

They all broke down laughing! 

Afterwards, I went and sat in Santa’s chair and had a BLAST talking to the kids.

After I got done with all the kids, my parents came over and took a picture with me! 

It was an absolute blast to give that gift to all of the kids and their parents! and to myself!!

When you get the chance to have fun, even if it makes you feel like a fool, DO IT!!!!